What gets sewed up can come undone, yesterday was no fun.

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Yesterday started good, but as things would have it, about 13:00 hours some of the sutures that stemmed from surgery on my insides over the weekend tore, so with the aid of my neighbor, and the local meatwagon,

over to Twin Falls we went. Funny, if the fartknockers who dispense money for a County hospital can’t have a hospital, that can fix or heal people and you need to go to Twin Falls, why spend tax dollars on such things ? Just open up a small trauma station, and be done with it. So got to the ER in Twin, they whisked me straight to the surgery center, sucked all the food out of me, and down with the bio-scope they went. A laser zap or two and now its sealed shut. No big. So had to stay overnight, Shae was there, took charge of my in hospital care, and they punched me out at 11:00 Hours this morning. Once I got home, saw that Eric had replaced my TV, and looked over my inbox. 55 inbox messages, 40 of such were between PoohBear and the other one from some skank near Wendell. Where was the skanks concern when I was there?

PoohBear, thinks I ignore her if I’m not just parked on the FB fb-blimpexit all the time. Thing is outside of right now waiting for her to get her dues and such money out to me, and get a verifi number, I just have no big interest in FB any more. Facebook was, and I say WAS the one sure shot of Internet gossip. When FB published real news stories, and things of real interest, hey I was there, and by rightly credit, I met PoohBear there. But I also met a bunch of fillies there that not only were street walkers, but many who were not even female, no matter how they dressed. Then with all too many challenging, my credibility and reputation, and screwing up a relationship with some fellow pilots in Jerome, plus where I wanted to get married to PoohBear and all, if Rick isn’t on fb, or I don’t see PoohBear on there, or if some good thing that makes my eye, I don’t even stay on fb very long.

Then of course, my EBT-Snap card is messed up, but I can’t call H&W to fix it. Reason? Until I get the $’s from PoohBear, have no phone. So until she gets out of the hospital , I’m screwed. I think too, not saying it wasn’t what she said it was, and all, but a bunch of her visits to her hospital, is she needs to get away from the feral cat manure pit she lives in, where it’s a real bed, real food, a working toilet, etc. It’s no damn reason she’s sick all the time. One can’t sleep in poop, eat near poop, do her poop, along with her mother, pee in the same place and not be sick. It isn’t a healthy environment. She says her brother and her mother are looking at moving to Colorado. Fine, I say, like the Mountain Dew TV ad says, just Dew it. I mean her Brother drives for Freymiller, all he needs to do is broker a load out this way, load her mother, herself and her brother and haul out here. What there isn’t in Florida, is in Colorado. More over, Idaho and Wyoming.

It’s liquid lunch time, more in the evening.

60223649_1998086133635936_8635584944690692096_nMe Senior


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