Since when, does networks premier new shows in May? Who the hell is in charge of programming new shows on USA Network?


I always seemed amazed at the ignorance or lack of serious thought that the folks who decide what new shows or any shows need to the axe, or that needs to just find an audience. Like the doomcauffs at the USA TV Network. Chrisley Knows Best, Miz & Mrs. , And now one with super fat gal? Really? Queen of New Orleans is one that needs the finding of an audience. The rest of the line up for the premiers in May are ones that I would give the axe. The promos for these idiotic shows are just about as dorky. The series on USA, called Chrisley Knows Best, did a spoof take off of the Star Wars intro. No real creativity.

Now then; since when does TV Networks , premier new shows in May? Used to be , Spring/Summer was reruns, and new stuff would come out in the fall. Beyond that, talk about copy cats. Wednesday for example is 3 hours of Chicago, Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD, That Hank Voight chicago-pd-hank-voight brings out the best of that show. And the SUV 59c62e273414d_CadillacEscalade4.jpg.a6e1c7c839a7c6c82f47eaa413e0f206 is a killer ride. Super cool, 9e63f00a9db9c160f314233ca096d6acyet over at the other network of NBC, is Rescue 911. Staged to be like Chicago Med. Really? Can’t someone come up with something original? Seems the damage that the Writer’s Strike in 2006 was very real, and introduced us to the ugly Reality Shows, unscripted, like American Idol, sucked in, America’s Got Talent among others. These are only partly scripted, as for scene, the rest of it is improv. But quality sit down with the family 1 hour TV is pretty much gone. Yet , just to be politically correct, such TV shows, even reruns, like the Dukes-of-Hazzard dukes-of-hazzard-cast, Chips, B.J. and the Bear, and yes Airwolf. Is not being rebooted, yet trash shows are. Could you imagine the old medical drama House, being rebooted? jennifer1 jesse-spencer-jennifer-morrison-omar-epps-hugh-laurie-lisa-edelstein-BPMX3Mgettyimages-141384755-house-nbc-1525710360It goes beyond imagination. Imagine if HeeHaw was rebooted(HazzardAyre Media is working on it) Then we’d have quality TV.

No matter what you now see on TV, is a shame. And sponsors, and you who watch TV, should Howl, since what is on TV shouldn’t be.


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