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dixie diesel cover hedderPappy's Journal

Well friends, PoohBear screwed the Pooch again. Said she was in line yesterday to send her dues money. Says she started bleeding, and is in hospital again. Perhaps so, but hell last weekend I truly was sick, truly was in the hospital, and truly had a bioscope stuck down my throat. Discharged Sunday. Most of my ulcer and all honestly is this farting around that PoohBear causes. It’s either about money or supposedly me looking for love elsewhere. Somehow that thought does not enter into her brain. As considering it all if I were to look elsewhere, I’d have found it, I nearly did in Evanston with Syd, yet I didn’t. Plus I ditched Evanston, controlled rent, LexiBelle, and all and moved to Wendell, because , PoohBear did not like Evanston. In part, the money she pays in dues, is going to the effort to fix the mess she herself caused. Lately though I’m in the mode of doing things myself, and if she does send money great, if not , then I’m not behind the 8-ball. I’ve not always been that gifted money management wise, but I know maintaining a roof over my head, is the main thing each month. I have never been homeless, and I’ll be damn if I will be now. In short doing lots of thinking this weekend.

Yesterday over at the livestock sale, there was this bullhauler there that was so fine, those stacks and the paint scheme was so sharp, that I nearly was tempted in licking the tires. The Chrome was so well placed. The scrolling was dead on. Too bad , I can’t show you it, but since PoohBear didn’t send money , no phone, and that means no photos.

Last for now: Again, USA Network, is doing a attempt of putting a silk scarf around a sows neck. Last of the month, they’re rolling out a series called the Radke’s , the mom Mellissa is so fat that you just know she’s headed for a stroke soon. These shows, like Chrisley, Knows Best. Shows southern people that are fugdugly and stupid. Its fine to show that big tubby women can land a TV show, but must they do it with us southeners being featured. Direct tubby to the Yankees. New England women , need the fat to keep their hubby’s warm. Of course some northwestern women are also in that category.

Keep On Truckin,

Pappys Sigika1b

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