The End of it, is near.

dixie diesel cover hedderWrite up the Rode formal

The End of it is near. Seems as though the influence of her Aunts , Mother and Brother, has it to where it’s a point of imbalance on the future of PoohBear and me. Something tells me it is the end, so I’m looking elsewhere. Maybe Priscilla or Stacy Sparks , might find that having my boots under their bed ain’t such a bad thing what so ever. I just wish that all that has gone through the manure chute hadn’t. The move back to Idaho, the loss of housing assistance, not to mention everything that Janet at the Wentworth, had to throw away, since I blew up my car in the move here. The turmoil in Wendell, that drove me to Jerome, the loss of Angel, and now the tools to our radio trade, nearly lost. Why? Because PoohBear couldn’t adjust to life on the Wyoming frontier, and Evanston. The really bad thing was the injury to LexiBelle , because of the move here, the friendship damage to Rick and I, the loss of a job at A1, The list goes on, and so now so too do I. Now I need to go to my new Bishop, and tuck tail, to beg for the $200.00 left on my rent here now, and to reignite my phone. Why? Because PoohBear said she was sending money , but didn’t. So now it goes that because no phone, can’t get in touch with ID-H&W, to figure out what happened to my EBT Card, so I get to starve for the rest of the month.

The money she usually sends, goes to the Knytes. I get just enough for rent. That’s it. We were rebuilding the Ayre Crew business together as my Mom & Dad did in building the Montgomery Foundation. Nope, not now. All PoohBear knows of life, is living in a cesspool of filth, in the backyard of her Aunt, and the only interaction with anything that resembles a living thing, is a bunch of feral cats. I give her a way out and all she does is poop on it. Her dues money she sends demonstrates her honor and loyalty to the Club. It’s a thing of if a lady enters the realm of the Knytes, if she loosens her purse strings to the Club, means she will be in retention of the Club. If not, the relationship ends. So that’s my story for tonight.

Good numbers ya’ll.

Pappys Sigwrecker2

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