Another droopy Sunday

toewers bluesPappy's Journal

Another droopy Sunday. My insides are trying to come up my throat due to not being to eat anything since the old EBT card got screwed up some how. And because my phone is turned off since PoohBear screwed the pooch with her dues money, I’m trying to finger out how and where to make a few phone calls in the morning.

I can’t totally understand how one person, can mess up SSI payments? I have went through this myself, but usually a phone call fixes most of it. For nearly 16 years, I’ve only had hiccups on my SSI. Both of which, again was fixed with a phone call. Why can’t PoohBear do this? I wish I weren’t on the tax payers gravy train, but with all too much manure, that’s gone through the chute in that 16 years, makes that a requirement. So I work for our MC, and of course the Knytes. If I make them money , I get to keep 10% of it. Example, the radio network, made $12,000.00 a month, so I could keep $1,200.00 of it. With the radio network parked, again due to PoohBear’s messes, in October last year, network isn’t making money, and thus, I’m not making any money. So here I reside in a motel room that I’m grateful for, where most of my required needs are taken care of. Yet with the $200.00 still owed on the rent of this room, means I’m going to be in big doo-doo, by the end of this week. The stress is not good for my ulcer, and I surly don’t want to go into the hospital, for something that is preventable.

Any mile, its my bed time.

Good numbers to ya’ll.

Pappys Sig60351712_2002513506526532_8690489659119108096_n

good night long

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