Does College really increase knowledge? The PoohBear Drama continues.

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Of course , I don’t usually bark about the high costs of groceries, since most months, I have my EBT Card. Yet because of a clerical malfunction, no SNAP benefits. So here I sit with a bleeding ulcer, and nothing to fill my stomach. Great. Yep a PoohBear blunder. She tells me one thing, but I know what happened. Her brother was about to get his car repoed. So begged PoohBear to cover it. I put my foot down and said no. Seems if PoohBear’s family in any way gets involved in our stuff , shit hits the fan. The only in-laws that I have ever gotten along with is Monkee’s. Her Mom, sisters and all treated me like a King and with respect. And oh yes she did pay dues to the Club. Suzi’s parents were out for my money. Simple. There was no real affection there. Except , good old Skipper flat told her she don’t get none of it. So she got knocked up, and even today, I, rake out $200.00 a month to her, for support of my Son, although legally I could challenge that , but the money goes to physical therapy. Marla’s parents just tolerated me, but did all possible to burn the bridge to marriage of her and I. Plus I did not want to move to Oregon. Cici’s Mom liked okay and that would have worked , had powers that were at the time sold my home out from under me and me moving to Boise. She didn’t groove on the big city shuffle, so we parted. Guess what she does? Drives truck. Guess diesel fuel, flows through the veins. Last April, I could have went to driving for SWIFT, guess what? PoohBear said no. Yet she with holds money that she rightfully owes me and the Knytes. Why ? Simple, she created this mess in part, so she ought to help pay for the disaster she caused, so I can get back on my feet. Which leeds me to this:

Does College really increase intelligence? Or is it a ton of money spent on nothing that will do no one any good? PoohBear wanted to come to Twin Falls area, to gain her GED, and take some skills education. So I’m here, she isn’t. Why? Because the only place that was a real house in Wendell, she blew up when she started a fuss with the neighbors. Eventually I had to move, and ya’ll know the rest. The place in Jerome would have worked, except she held off sending money in October, which caused me to get evicted. PoohBear, will not live long enough to pay me and the Knytes off of what she has cost us.

I love the TV ad for CSI, in Twin Falls, where the children are barking about what they want to be when the grow up. The last one says she doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up, but she wants to go to College. Fine. Yet, CSI , has no quantum physics program, has no broadcast program, the drama program is lackluster at best. But the Vo-Tech program is good. And of course it’s a junior College. The only quantum physics courses I have ever discovered in this area is in Utah , at the University of Utah.

Later Ya’ll

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