Early to bed , Early to Rise makes you wealthy and wise, except me as I awaken puking my guts out.

pAppys cornerHazzard Gazzette Combo HRJ 2

The old adage of, Early to Bed, Early to Rise, makes a man wealthy and wise, is my normal secondary daily motto. The first one is one quoted by Pappy Boyington, that went , Show me a hero and I’ll prove he’s a bum. Here lately for over a week now, with the screw up with PoohBear’s dues money, killed for a few more weeks, my phone, meaning that I couldn’t correct the fugle up by ID, H&W on my EBT card meaning I have been nearly starving to death. Monday night it got so bad I had to get the lady who is a Assistant DA Attorney, call the meatwagon. Same shit different time, so they hauled my ass to St. Lukes, they dialated my insides, gave me Lidacane and a few other meds, and Jared took me home. There is a fix of course, they said they could go inside me do some serious surgery, and remove the part of my stomach with the ulcer. Get rid of the situations that’s causing the most stress’s , Or have to go to the hospital at least once every other month, to have the esophagus tubes dialated. Which kicks the crap out of being able to eat much very often of solid food. That means none of my fave foods. I am choosing the latter , since as it is right now, I’m not splitting from PoohBear, however one more of these, diddies of money to the Club, and I’ll have to seriously look at it. An Empire is built by collaboration, not lying about what goes on with the finances. If I need to do it myself, that’s what I’m going to do and search out some of the supporting ladies that I have gotten to know over the last two years. My main stress which includes the screw up’s of money by PoohBear, is that back to October last year she with-held money which got me evicted from the studio in Jerome. Had she not done that I could have kept the station together and by now LexiBelle>my LexiBelle would be here, and so would Mini-Wolfmini wolf 1 Of course had PoohBear not pissed of the neighbors in Wendell, and all and had she not held up money in both June and July of last year out of spite of Angel, who should I stuck with, I’d be making money by now. Most people would say with all the crap I have went through with Shelly, I’d be smart to break up with her. Considering I gave up controlled rent, EBT and a bunch of things, and would been able to remain in Evanston Wyoming. But nope. Yet for some unGodly reason, I love Shelly very much, but I’m getting closer to self survival mode. The situation is, if June 1st I get the full money for her Club dues and pay-back to me, great we will stay together. If she doesn’t , There wont be no more PoohBear and me, I just can’t deal with it any more.

Chicago PD is on, so I’ll close.

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