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Good day to ya’ll from rural Idaho. Many of the farm techs are out doing their planting. It’s been dry enough to get in the fields, life is easy going here.

I got into an online chat on fb, with a gal from Oregon, about how bad it is that local schools and education does not give any more to AG science. We used to just call it AG. I learned a lot there, Especially how to fix it, don’t replace it or buy new. I also learned about Agri-business. FFA was one of my Springboards into commerce. The idea of E-Commerce came well after I graduated from Hazzard County High . Go Pirates. Have you ever thought that one of the fox tails, that ignites violence in schools was caused or contributed at least , was OSHA? They came in and said you shalt not put kids in the farm fields, you shalt not let kids drive tractors, to which I say poppycock. 60344663_598381160680741_3171223226516766720_nI say if your going to stop the high school shootings and such, get teens and tweens off the computer and off the street and put em on the Farm.

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The skirmish with PoohBear, continues. Don’t know how long she’s going to keep on fussing. Don’t know if the situation will heal, or if I should just say, it was nice, so just going through the motions. I still love her. Everybody has their complexities, just because you have a snag in the stockings , you don’t let it unravel, and throw it away, You keep it together. Maybe its just that kind of rural thinking, but in my younger days, couples didn’t just break up, because of a difference of thought, they talked it out and had a brewski and stayed together. That’s how my parents of which I have yet to know any other that stayed that strong. Even my Uncle Dell and Aunt Delora , they stayed together. Built a life and raised a great family, and yes it was on the Farm. Same goes for my Aunt Carmen and Uncle Nels. Maybe that’s where I get my Hazzard County tenacity. Maybe its my military service. Marines just don’t give up. Yet here I am worried that its Shelly giving up. But enough of that.

Rebel RescueWhen I stumbled upon the idea of reworking everything Highway Hooker Toewing and all of it, it was on a night of binge watching Highway Through Hell, on the Weather Channel. Right after Highway Through Hell, came Heavy Rescue 401. To which led many calls, emails and company execs, that we said lets do it. Heavy Rescue Toewing, will be a long journey, but its going to be done right. From business registration to a D&B rating, still Heavy Rescue Toewing is going to be us. I’m not regretting it for one second. Heavy Rescue Toewing, will focus solidly on towing and recovery of big rig otr trucks 60512562_2348593525465638_2334305340872458240_nnot so much cars and light duty towing. Fewer idiots, fewer and less stress, and ability to increase income, not keep spending money chasing DUI, calls. Let A1, and J&C chase the tiny tows we’ll chase the heavy big toews Big Johnpearl toews.

Club news next post.


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