OOps she did it again.

Hazzard Gazzette Combo HRJ 2hrj knyte grooves

In the words of a Brittany Spears song, oop’s she did it again. This time I’m considering making it solid. I don’t cotton to the fact that my heart has been broken, nor raped money wise or my life damn near destroyed. But as its been said , if it doesn’t kill you in just makes you stronger. For one thing I do know, is unless you solidly know someone on FB, don’t believe any of it that they tell you is true. Oh well. Just now need to do some work to recover the radio gear , my mini carrier, and look to places east about 250 miles. Should have done this in December, last. No wonder my Bro in Evanston, wont hook up with no dang woman again. After awhile it festers, then you broke up , and broken heart, deflated ego, pride, dignity, and wallet. No thank you. As another famous music artist says it, “ What’s Love got to do with it?”

Until Morning,

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