Bods & Rods

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So I got up this morning, and felt Dizzy as hell. Seeing spots through my eyes, and damn near fell over twice, but with nobody here to go for my moo-juice and maple bars. I went myself to Smiths, here in Burley. Got back here, watched all the Fast & Furious movies. Marathon on USA TV Network. Once I did that looked over the Disney fare, not much to watch there, anymore. So back to Fast & Furious. Of which the stunt driving on there is great Devon Aoki is what carried 2Fast 2 Furious, of course with those kinds of noodles I’d eat Oriental, Chow Mein both sweet and sour

Makes you get fed up with these tubby broads we have here in Idaho. Guess up here, women need that extra insulation to keep their mates warm.

HRR Logo1

Some jerk, said that what we do on radio, is pirate radio. No, way. There’s a huge difference between Webcasting and Pirate radio. Since we are not mainstream we have to promote and publicize as much as possible. The fact that Bods & Rods have been going together like peanut butter and Jelly, So we have to hire choice eye candy to give our TV ads and print ads, gets you male corpuscles a reason to watch the ads. Talking about our eye candy bits, the Toew Smooch alasweet toews is still of our ad bits, but I’m finding that the idea of smelling and kissing stinky feet and/or toes. Toew sniff is no big thrill for me. Not saying if it was offered , I wouldn’t say no if the oppurtunity were to come up.

That’s Life in the Fast Lane.

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