Killing the America/English Language, phrases that need definition, and PoohBear and I. Welcome to HRJ Knyte Grooves.

hrj knyte groovesHazzard Gazzette Combo HRJ 2

Welcome to Knyte Grooves. I watch a bunch of TV during the day to absorb news from all sources. What I hear in ads, is scrunching words together or modifying words, as well as pronunciation. One ad, running on Cable-One of Twin Falls, Idaho. Is spotlighting a Pawn shop in Twin Falls. What they say, goes it’s the bestest. Really? But I hear it in films and dialog of TV. America, because of smartphones and such are killing the American-English. Not of real English of import from the UK. The UK, has many words that mean something other than that what we would say. Example; A fag in UK, speak, is a cigarette. Where as here in the USA, it means something else. Then there are phrases we use. Example: Kit & Caboodle. Where did that phrase come from? For that matter the mis-spelling. And Grammar mistakes, in publications, of what would seem pro writers make. Doesn’t anyone proof read their writings, to fix mistakes?

PoohBear and I are patching things back together. Thing is I’m still skittish of jumping back in to that situation. It’s that , once bit twice shy condition. She has that condition, of follow-through. The SSI told her the money she got fuggled up to me and the club would be back on her card in 10 days. Hell 10 days from now is the first, of the month. That means on the 1st of the month, she’ll owe the Club, $900.00 , not the regular $600.00.

Research by Hazzard County University, is looking into the structure and all of Language.

Watched the movie, Independence 2, lots of Star Trek Next Generation in that film. Course that’s to be expected since the professor is also Commander Data. Love old movies.


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