Smelly poop , bad for most good for diabetics, and more on Bods & Rods


Day Haul

For most people a smelly toilet trip going number 2 is bad. For someone that has diabetes that smelly poop is good news. As it says the person’s A-1-C and glucose levels are normal. The same situation, goes with urination. If it smells like sugared KoolAid, means A-1-C and Glucose levels are abnormal and insulin must be taken. Diabetes, whether its type 1 or type2 is no joke. Okay then.

Yesterday, I sent up a post called Bods & Rods. Got such a response to it, the HazzardAyre Press Corps, said Let’s make that a part of the Hazzard County Gazzette. Hazzard Gazzette Header front Picking up the best of the local gals next door, and home grown rods, trucks, and customs. Which is the core of the Hazzard Knytes. Which brings me to a situation that’s been festering for some time. The Hazzard Knytes, the Knytes-of-Dixie and all subsidiaries, would not be alive had it not been for SAMCRO MC, Stepping in and providing financial and organizational support. That relationship remains. The Knytes-of-Dixie is the Mountain West Charter of SAMCRO MC. 

PoohBear hasn’t posted anything to me. Which is worrisom , since Rent and the restoring to operation. This will not happen next month. Just praying that PoohBear does her part.

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