Just listen to the voice, it holds many mysteries.

Hazzard Gazzette Back fronttoewers blues

Recently after hearing for the umpteenth time a Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich shop TV ad, I started hearing a familiar voice. After thinking on it, discovered that it is infact the voice of Archer , then I was viewing some Promos of a new ScyFy show, and found that the voice over voice was Patrick Stewerts of STNG fame I/e Capt. Picard’s .

Speaking again, of TV, and I have lots of opinions on this, since I watch tons of TV, both local and cable/satellite. It’s also a piece of broadcasting that I give attention to. I’m mostly offended that local as well as cable TV stations and broadcast stations, that have went 80% of them all have went automated. This does not give an excuse to radio, as many radio stations have gone artificial intelligence rather than hire people, to man control rooms. One part of that is what is not too widely known, as the Calm Act. The Calm Act was put up, as a way to keep ads from blasting you out of your chair, and the reducing volume levels when the real show comes back on and vice versa. No, TV stations and networks no matter the delivery platform are to damn cheap to hire a few people to monitor the volume levels and adjust them as needed. Example. Local TV station here in western Idaho, KMVT, came out of their nightly newscast, to the Steve Colbert, show. The intro to Steve’s show, was so loud, that you just had to use the remote to turn it down. Good hell KMVT take some money out of the chest, and hire a board operator. Of course few people even know of the Calm Act, or even how to file a complaint with the FCC. Too bad you can’t file a complaint with the FCC for monopolizing a market, or bullying someone else from stepping up and creating a local new station. Or buying an existing station. Example, a few years ago when KPVI – 6 who owned the local FoX station here was selling , HazzardAyre Media, was muscled out of the running. KMVT does not like competitors.  Of course there is news. What ever happened to the Noon , news? There is no TV station or Radio station here, except for us, that does a Noon-newscast. Which we do at noon and at 18:00 hours. But nobody else does. KMVT, KTVB, KIVI, none do a noon newscast, and the nightly newscast is pretty crappy.

Television, needs healing, HazzardAyre Media is healing both, one viewer and one listener at a time.

Night Ya’ll.

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