Now this is what I’m talking about, and everyone in America must be sick.



Was out doing a talent search interview for KTOW’s website here, and we held the event at a local institution of higher learning. It was a blast. Also saw some locations that look to be candidates for both the station, as well as Hazzard County Choppers / Heavy Rescue Toewing. We are slowly climbing out of the blues here. The days of feeling sorry for ourselves is pretty much over. 

Pappy's Journal

So because I was out toew sniffing most of the day, wasn’t home much to see if PoohBear had sent me a post or not. I have looked, and found she was on FB, but no pm. So wondering wuzz up with that, considering my domestic domicile situation. It is criticle, but I’m dealing. I know Heavenly Father will intercede and I’ll be okay. This is called having faith. 


So flying through, at least on TV , I am beginning to think that all of America is sick. Why, just about every other ad on TV is trying to sell me some kind of medication. Many of which has worse side effects than the illness its supposed to cure or treat. If its not that its that my libido, must have some inability to function. I love that one ad, that has that athlete, called the Heat, where that one lady, looks at her sig other, and calls the Heat, the Hunk. I’d love to see, the discussion when they went home. 

pAppys-corner.jpg I love to see actors you get to know on one series, on another series. One NBC show has as an older guy, who is senior Saprano. Makes one wonder, since that series was so popular, and with TV and most of Hollyweird in search of new projects resurrecting old shows, why the Saprono’s hasn’t been had the redoux. 

HCK TAIL_thumbgood night shorthazzard pappys sig1

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