But does she have a tummy?

Pappy's Journal

So in a ternchal rain, Doug and I went over to Pocatello. After a short visit with my son, we went to meet with powers to be on next years AyreWolf-AyreShow, at the Pocatello airport. After which we broke for brew and grub. So we went to Club 91. Now Club91 is a bikini bar, but also serves the best cheeseburger in Pocatello. It is that good, so not trying to get into the dancers, there was two , one that came over to our table, and I just had to pat her tummy , which was so flat, I had to find out if she in fact had a tummy. How does a woman, keep and maintain such a flat tummy. So we did our lunch and with increasing rain, Doug and I drove back here to Burley. Upon arriving found the note I have been dreading, but not suprisingly, saying that today was the deadline to pay or get out. So did some negotiation and am here right now. All caused by PoohBear. If PoohBear had done what I told her to, plus if she needed more that what she normally sends in dues to the Knytes, and me, I could have planned that way, and paid more in rent. She didn’t and not having a phone right now makes it really time consuming in looking and finding something else. Makes still looking at still being a bit, once bit twice shy, on getting snuggy with the PoohBear thing. 

ktow journal As I watch KTVB’s news in the evening, its always barking about how much the Boise area is growing. I have no reason to believe to say that’s wrong. However, as one old cop in Glenn’s Ferry told me once, There’s the state of Ada, and the State of Idaho and very seldom and rare do the two twains meet. Twin Falls albeit slowly is growing. Problem is while it is growing, the wages have not really increased, business’s are not that wildly hiring. Burley here is getting bigger again the jobs and wages have not improved. Perhaps, CH7 KTVB ought to do a report on the differences, between the Treasure Valley and the rest of the state of Idaho. The only reason or benefit that Burley has is its distance to Salt Lake City Utah/Metro-Utah. 


Let’s us pray, that PoohBear get’s things done so I still have a place to live, by tomarrow , if not I’ll be in the hospital. 

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