AyreTymez for a Friday.

AyreTymez Header1

Good morning from our hangar. Had ideas of snagging some seat time, but the weather says no. So at the hangar doing routeen pm so not to bad. Had a wicked dream last night, hope it doesn’t come true. I hate it when your dreams are so real that you can smell , and taste what your dreaming about. As well as being able to remember everything you dreamed about. Our radio op is still down, but I’m looking at doing a law suit against the people where the radio gear, is at. The real chore is finding a place that could be a studio/office. That said with the schitty deal PoohBear did this month, killed my phone and the serious condition of keeping a roof over my head has hindered the progress. But once the 1st of the month things will change and we’ll get things in the air. 

As you know there is a fellon roaming around Hazzard City. Most of us here are on alert concerning. The search could be easier if the area law would give us a buzz get us in the air. But hey, that’s it. 

Today isn’t real good for real altitude flying, more rain, in our valleys , snow in areas of higher elevations. 

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