Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

An old ryme from my childhood. A simple prayer. Who came up with I have no idea. 

PoohBear is finally talking to me, Although I have no idea why she’s freezing me out, on fb, but hey I gave up trying to figure out women. They don’t think like us male corpuscles. We as guys keep it simple and stick to logic. Women love to make the whatever a major issue. Example, yesterday Doug and I hauled over to eastern Idaho, mainly Pocatello, to meet with the powers that be to roll out our AyreShow. Which is going to be one helluva aircraft show, as well as having as feature guests that will include two of the last living members of the original VMF214 BlackSheep. So we got hungry, and having a brew and burger was on top of thoughts. So we went to Club91 , We did that for several reasons, One because Club91 is inexpensive, food and brew for $2.00. So since the place is a bikini bar this one little honey was walking the floor selling body shots. So this little honey had such a flat tummy I had to see with my hand to determine if what my eyes were seeing. Now PoohBear made a case out of it, but really it was pure curiosity. Okay then. 

Southwestern Idaho, around Hazzard City, is running around a felon who committed several homicides in Utah, California, as well Southwestern Idaho. Until he is captured, it is that we all keep our eyes open, doors locked, and guns loaded. 

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