No I did not die, I’m very much alive!!

KTOW Radio Journal 2pAppys corner

No did not die, I’m very much alive. Situation went last Sunday as I was about to write a post here, the screen on my laptop, went out. Compooter was okay, just could not see anything on the screen. So took it to Greener Valley Computers, after a week, I’m back running. So then pay day yesterday, got my phone back on. So we’re doing okay.

While I was near starving to death, my new Bishop here of our Ward, Burley, 5th Ward. Paid my shortage on my rent, plus gave $40.00 in cash, and then got some lady who was nice and all but she needed a serious shower. nose 1 got a food order. Went to DI here, got my food, which I ate mostly celery and apples, and polished off the bananas yum. So my needs were met. Now if PoohBear lives up to her word, and sends the $600.00 to me before Monday or so, should be good. Which means getting with Bishop Nelson over and Twin to get the radio gear back, plus my mini truck. As for a place to put it, found a place down south Overland avenue here where we can start to rebuild.

So with all that done and a hectic month last month, I trucked over to BJ’s Sports Bar, unknowing that BJ had passed away. Had a steak, and two beers. All was okay, but BJ’s is running with a crew and without a firm hand on the tiller. Which means I keep a firm eye ball on it, and when it starts to fall, which from what I saw there was a mere of patrons in the bar. Maybe it was that I was too early but the place should’ve been jamming. Not as bare as a drumstick on Thanksgiving. It isn’t being ran as BJ used to do it.

Now I got into a slight fuss there with some guy barking about southern folk like you and I are. Now in Church Doctrine it says in perfect English, that the war was coming.

part 87The Lord would not have named exactly where the war started, if there wasn’t a serious situation brewing.

Any way big day today, so catching some needed zz’s .


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