Not everything revolves around Facebook, but be without a computer for a week, it’ll drive you nuts.

I started the day upchucking, but ended up great. The guys of our MC, decided to take a mini run up to the cabin, and have a MC Summit. 2 other Clubs and ours. We talked about tons of stuff, from the reunion, to invasions, to mistrust of some of all three, the list goes on. We finished up at 21:00 hours rode back and grabbed grub, at Denny’s here in Burley, then happy hugs, and it was time to get our heads back in the game of establishment, weekday life. I remembered though that the last time that I had been there at our neighborhood Denny’s, that there was supposed to be some big wampum of a remodel, funny I saw no big redoux of the place. Nor the surroundings. It was however a time of SSI and Welfare mother reunions from and in mini Mexico City USA. I have an idea, put the Hispanics in one section, us none Hispanics in another, put the servers who speaks Mexicali , and English in the other. The two just don’t go together. My server noticed my discomfort, and discounted my order. I left her a nice tip and came home. Got home crapped like a stallion, and now watching Dateline waiting for Chicago PD, on USA. Now overnight TV has a lot to be desired. In fact ludicrious. Completely stupid. Not to mention TV ads. Example; The Alexa commercial where the son, set up a seeing in your lives device, and the old man says, ” Play the Song that Goes Valerie”  Maybe its a different era, but you hear some Spearchucker song. Some of us remember that the made for TV rock band, called the Monkees, did a song called Valerie.  Granted the song didn’t chart top as it was at the time, but how would Alexa know the difference, or could it be biased at what it plays. What I call grade B TV ads, seem to air in the wee hours of the night. Reason? Ad rates are much, much lower and therefore, these products and offers get aired. My advice, do your research before you buy, try to buy local, so if something goes sour, you can go Jap slap someone to change their attitude. 

I heard PoohBear barking on my phone, but as I have told her a quadzillion times, if I’m driving, flying, on the commode, or my sleep hours, as well as during Chicago, PD . Don’t bother me. Those few hours are my, hang up on the world moments. 

As I close this morning, its a shame that even with a name change the same made here insertion ads that Cable-One Advertising, inputs , still sucks. The same ignorant set of ads are still there. Especially the one for , the guy on there seems chipper except when he voices the name of the advertiser. Let’s face it; there is no local TV production Company here, at least at the present time. That is changing, can you say:HAZZARDAYRE SCRIPT

Night ya’ll.


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