Censorship is alive and well. But only for us men. Women can get away with anything.


Posted a article that was not directed at porn, but more as scientific observation. Yet Zuckerburg’s guru’s flagged it. Men on fb, can get flagged on any post, yet you can find porn postings from women, from matchmaking sites, to sites that encourages cheating on your sig other. And women don’t get flagged. But Rebel male corpuscles will get flagged every time. No wonder why, Zuckerburg’s empire is crumbling.

Have you ever noticed that women’s pubic hair if its slightly longer than a landing strip, curls up when wet? Especially if its perspiration. Which for some reason doesn’t smell foul. Yet her arm pits can knock you over. Is it just gender chemistry? Or is there another reason. There is a serious lack of study on the subject. As makers of deo would like to know, which of their brands to target their products to. Now from my research, I know that men’s feet, smell much worse than a woman’s. Have you noticed that more women are wearing both nylons, and as well, fashion boots. Not Go-Go Boots, but more on the same lane as leather boots with spiked heels. For me its not the boots, its the sweet limbs inside those boots, but that’s more my personal flavor. 

So been watching a bunch of these not so telling the truth TV ad’s. Most are using old disco and other rock tunes as music beds. One of the many, is the consignment website, The Real Real. Those anarexic models they have on there one with way too little hair, dancing around. In my opinion, they should go to a IHOP and chow down a little. Damn way too skinny. Brands are seeing a severe departure. Example, looked up Red Dog, the beer on fb. It had a fan page. Problem is you can’t get Red Dog Beer west of the Mississippi. I love that brew, and have been tempted to roll out to Millwaki and get a trailer full. Just never have done it. So I reluctantly drink Bud. But I’d rather have Red Dog. I still point to two advertisers that run ads on the local insertions on SparkLight Cable. Its still Cable-One Which is still the oneryist Cable Company on the planet, no matter what they call it. Now supposedly with the conversion to SparkLight there is to be an overhauling of the area company. Which hopefully will correct the idiotic copywriters of the local insertion ads. Pawn 1 runs one that said they are the Bestest. Can you say that? And the one for Betterjobs.com , the voiceover when the guy mentions the advertiser is not as enthusiastic as it should be. Which considering there is no other ad production service in our valley, is a door opening for us at HAZZARDAYRE SCRIPT

That gives us a way to generate income for the Knytes, and correct the illness of bad TV ad production. Now we just need to recover our gear from the thieves in Twin Falls. How we do that in the Morning. Until then, pleasant dreams.




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