Spirits Having Flown, understanding paranormal

hjr hedder 4good hazzard morning

Spirits Having FlownLast night shortly after our normal tele call, PoohBear texted me saying that she wanted proof that the spirit of a famous actor has or would visit her. Now this is a curse or gift, but I gained the ability to communicate with the spirit world back when I was just 16 shortly after I got my drivers license. I at the time was involved in one helluva wreck. Had 3 blood clots on my brain, and way after the surgery, done by a daring surgeon, Dr. Obenchain of St Al’s in Boise I was in a coma for nearly a month. Yes I crossed over and got to see fabulous things, visit with those that had passed on, and also gained the curse or gift to see into the future in my dreams. Now some think that I am nutty as a Babe Ruth bar, but I remember just after I got my CDL and was sleeping, with headphones listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the moon, when I was visited by this force, which is the only way I can describe it. The force or what ever the visitors were, asked me all kinds of questions. Mostly political, and things government things. Then they left , the full moon came through my window. It was so bazaar, but I swear it happened. When it comes to personal contact with a spirit, you can’t touch them, or they touch you. They are 100% Anti-Matter. They are a spirit, they are nearly invisible. As far as knowing exactly when one will visit, is just as nearly impossible to predict. They show up when they want to, not when you ask. You just can’t prove it.

KTOW Radio Journal 2pappy's journal

So tonight during the evening newscasts, we all say Good-Bye to Dee Sarton, of KTVB News fame. Dee, was at least to me a staple of those newscasts. More over she started at about the same time that I began my radio broadcasting career. In short, you couldn’t meet a more kind, sweet, gifted journalist, as well as just a good person, willing to share her expertise to a rookie radio jock. Speaking of radio. Our equipment to do that with is still being held hostage. An overnight recon is on for tonight on that. Any flyte, the law is, one who rents to you and you default on the rent, can’t hold the tools that you make your living with, so the mission is, go find a place to put it all, execute a seizure with a County cop, and recover our equipment as well as my mini service truck.

And with that I bid you a great day.

hazzard pappys sig1NEW STAR HRJ


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