My Addiction to women in nylons, and transperancy.

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It has been asked why I’m so hot and bothered when I get near a attractive woman in nylons, of any type. The answer is relatively simple, as well as complex. While I always say it had to do mostly from one TV ad, that got me into the scent of toes and all in hose, still there is some accuracy to that, my addiction to women in nylons started much younger. 

Baby_Blue_TH_BRM81 I and even I don’t know why. The start of the addiction,was when I was in 6th grade. Our Garage Band, was asked once to play a gig for some kids birthday in a 4th grade classroom. There was this teacher named, Miss Jensen, who wore the super mini skirts which was popular in the late 60’s early 1970’s. And yes nylons. Now most of my guy pals were into breasts and behinds, me to be different said, why not go after the most ignored part of a ladies body, the feet and toes. Others used to say it was my summer babysitters who lived across the street, who were seniors in high school, both wore nylons and one encouraged my fantasy addiction, by having me massage her feet since she worked at a drug store soda fountain place called Kowley’S Drug Store. Others have tried to figure my addiction out, hell I don’t even know. Some have been pro head shrinks and counselors, my addiction was satisfied for a short time by 4 sweethearts, that were not too timid about the subject. One was of course Miss Dixie Diesel Radio of 1993, Robin Whittaker, she made sure she came to our makeshift studio, stuck in a rather large broom closet, in our shop in Rupert Idaho. Of course my wife at the time Janice(aka-Monkee) had the legs and tiny feet, that fit in with the nylon bit, and we’ll just let that ride. Then came, Emme of Gooding Idaho, who was also not too timid in that of satisfying the addiction. But the one that made that all happen, at least for me and put the need for toes and feet in hose, was Erin, aka Nurse GoodBody because she A; was a real nurse, and B; she looked very much like Nurse GoodBody on Hee Haw. 

the grand pairwho also had hot legs. Of course there was Daisy Duke aka Katherine Bach.


Because of studio and all’s censors, she was required to wear nylons. Which at that time, gave me an excuse to excersize my addiction, under the audition etc process of a TV ad the first we did in 1980. But Erin made the final run of the ads on TV real, and so the word tow became toew, and the famous toew smooch IJUSTLOVETOEWSReally brought the gig together, and even today, Erin is on my speed dial on my phone. We still have coffee meetings, all is good there.

The addiction was once justified by renowned sex and relationship counselor Sue Magarvie, who told me and did a radio show directed towards fetishes, said that any of that kind of thing is okay as long as its kept in check. The rest of it was that anything that impacts a young persons or and male corpuscles sexual awarness was due to the pleasure center of the brain, like a mental snapshot will become a attractant. So why do I  just get so drawn to a woman in nylons? Who knows, but what an addiction. 

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