My how 24 hours changes a lot of things.

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My how 24 hours changes a lot of things. Yesterday it was near 80 degrees outside here in Hazzard City, and yet today, we’re going to be lucky if we break 70. Then its amazing when you truly get to stay in bed and get a full nights sleep. Was chatting with MY PoohBear at 13:30 Hours, finally my eyes were so heavy that I punched out, and did not wake up until 07:00 hours. I slept all the way through the night. I must say that I truly need to replace my pillow. Been thinking of going with one of those My Pillow, things, but $200.00 for a pillow is a bit steep. Same thing as that SleepNumber Bed. $2,000.00 is a bit pricey for a foam padded mattress. Not me. I would go all out though for one of those motorized beds you get in the hospital. Those things can be manipulated in so many ways that you really can get comfortable, wonder if one can be had in a queensized version? 

Seems like some things mirror others. Been trying to tune in on Zeb Bell’s show on KBAR, here. Guess what? No Zeb Bell, guess he decided to take time out and just do blog posts, just as I have done. Except for the fact that my wings got clipped by a slick bunch in Twinkie Flatts, which will get fixed next week, yet seems like insult to injury is not too far off. Took a listen in yesterday, some lady was doing Zeb’s show. Calls came with that bull noise, yet it was not the same style or rythum as Zeb doing it. Course as much as we’d like it to all remain the same, things or styles change. Dig this. Larry at CH-7 in Boise used to do this piece in in his extended forcast for weather, that had him doing a slight lift on Always, in view. Yet that is no longer. What happened there? CH-7 has been doing a mess of changes here lately. Dee Sarton, retired this week, with her final broadcast on Wednesday. She will be missed. Yet I see so many changes up there. Is CH-7 going down the same road as ^6^ in Nampa, or as 11 is still doing. With 11 its always been going down hill, rather looks like always, and of the old . While the NAB has been preaching of local over the air news, fact is; nobody is teaching the very fine art of broadcasting or broadcast journalism. There are no or very few PRO TV or Radio any more people. At least in Idaho, and even outside of a very few in Utah. They start in Idaho, migrate to Utah, start at CH=Fox 13, move to CH-5, then once they get a few notches in their belt, move to a much bigger market. As for me, I started with KART, moved to KEEP(KEZJ) then KLIX, and after feeling boxed in as far as content, mine was edgy, much earlier than Demento or Stern, and created my own station in 1984, and have been working that every since. 

More on where the stars go, after they nova, later today as for now, With money in the bank, and in my pocket, I’m taking the day off. It’s Friday.


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