Why Post anything on FB? If your a guy your more than likely to get flagged so why bother?

It’s going to be wet , windy and colder tonight until mid day Saturday. High profile loads in our state of Idaho should be aware of the 65mph winds.

One of my previous posts on the illustrious facebook, was flagged a few minutes ago. Why? Who the hell cares, but its part of the gender biased nature of facebook’s auto censor program. If a woman, poses in a near naked way, little if anything is done. Even if you report it to fb, guess what? It comes back , Sorry but it does not go against the community standards. However, if a guy, in a scientific way names a particular part of a females anatomy , oops you get flagged. Naughty , naughty. Really, yet someone can post a pic of a naked woman, or cartoon pic of someone doing the wyld thing, and oops , nothing happens. Now its no surprise that fb and I and the Knytes, have been having a inside war, ever since I stood up to them, for overcharging us on some ads we ran for on air talent. Which is why you will not see ads from the Knytes, or me. There is no return on investment, from advertising on facebook, I get better milage on Google-my-Business. As far as posting ads for on air talent the Knytes, and I, learned the hard way, that the results, don’t justify the investment. You really get stoners, or drug-sluts, that shake their tush at you, yet scream if you call their bluff. I’d rather go through an agency, for camera talent, or trade press for on airs, that way you get someone that can really walk in off the street, sit down in a studio, and do a quality broadcast. Or photo session. As for me, I’m too deep in love and loyalty with my PoohBear, to mess around with that, but I’m getting off topic. Except to say that because of both PoohBear, and my pal Rick in Wyoming, I stay on facebook, otherwise, I delete my facebook account and say pee on it. Piss On FakeBook

Considering his Royalty Zuckerburg, is up to his neck in law suits, he’s being more proactive, on smut, but not enough, since the enforcement of community standards should be uniform, across both genders, not favor some because some tech geek at fb hq gets their rocks off by looking a near porn, but a guy posts something , and its, nope can’t do that. Any more if I get flagged, I just say whatever, its at least here on our site, and our door is always transparent. However, what you might notice, there is no fb button on the bottom of our website. Until L8R, 

My Ayre SigAyreTymez Hedder

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