I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Welcome to OUR Hazzard County.

Hazzard County Knytes

So woke up this morning with a cramped foot, from having it pointed south, rather than upright under my blankets. Causes all kinds of pains. Plus can’t ever get my pillow to work right. It’s a fight all night long. After awhile I finally find that sweet spot and lift off for dreamland. The Knytes had in their brains to run down to Hazzard City today for a short run, and while it IS sunny out, still there’s a freezing wind blowing, and its just too cold. So stayed home. Ran into a bible thumping MC at our local Smith’s Food Store here. They were raffling off some junk, for $10.00 per hit. They were doing well, but half of the patrons, just shrugged and left the store. Now if the had, a trick Harley there to win, and a biker hottie there they would have sold a ton more…

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