It’s a Sunny, Sunday here in Hazzard

Hazzard County Knytes

It’s a sunny, Sunday here in Hazzard, or about as close to Hazzard as your going to get. Ran into a snag with the BLM, on Hazzard City, so working on that.

So as I awoke this morning at 06:30 thought, I’m not going to Church this week, rather go next week. But at 08:00 got a strong prompting to do so. So got to the meeting house, and was chatting with this gal, who had the hottest spiked heels that I had seen in a very long time. The heels were rolled like they had been turned and milled in a lathe. I have seen this before>hot bike but not quite in the same style so we got to chatting up til services were about to start. Saw the Bishop for just a few, thanked him for the help to get over a bad two weeks while PoohBear had to…

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