Have you ever wondered about friend suggestions on FB? and those extended contacts? Do you just want to ask Why me?

Have you ever wondered why some people all of a sudden pop up in your extended contacts on FB? What about those friend suggestions>? Why? I’m not the Oracle of Delphi, or any case of a philosipher, I’m just one guy trying to earn a buck driving a Toew(tow)Truck. I guess it might have something to do with my seat of the pants or views through a windshield reporting. What ever it is, I would much rather have those same extended contacts pony up $’s to aid the recovery of the only radio voice of TOWING, hence the call letters, KTOW(Kay-TOW) FM. Of course there’s those Friend suggestions. Why the hell would FB, have a 60 year old engaged to my PoohBear, qos2male corpuscle be even interested in a 17 year old female? Are they trying to get me busted? Is this the idea behind Zuckerburg’s minions, to get more older men arrested for molesting young women> ? Even Stat-Rape? No wonder we have strange guys out kidnapping younger under aged girls. Schitte, FB try educating your AI/. The other lane here, is transexuals, and super tubbies. schitte, Why would I even be interested? While its flattering to have some folks following me, still it burns my saddle pad, that some of these weird women and others to ask me to be their friends. Don’t these women and others before they approve a friend request or vice versa, read my profile first? 

pappys-journal.jpg Sunday was a real wash. Just after Sacrament meeting at Church I caught a call on a two truck accident that had one box semi rolled over with tons of damaged bottles of Dawn dish washing liquid that was all over west 30 near Hansen Idaho . To say it was slippery is an understatement. We didn’t get it all cleaned up until midnight. To which I came home and caught zz’s. 

 When it comes to towing , I have been dedicated to our profession. From establishing the first towing operators organization in the Mountain West, which includes putting on the air KTOW FM, to staging regional tow shows, most importantly, co-writing, Idaho’s lien law, that established towing operators as first responders and tow trucks being called limited authorized emergency vehicles. There is so much to do, and there is no end to it.  The Iron Knytes Toewing Association, is working on a rewrite of the move over law in Idaho to being a felony, rather than just a misdemenors as it is now. Putting some teeth in the law for those that ignore that law and hit tow operators doing our jobs on the side of the road. Idaho is now doing a series on TV of being engaged driving. I say make them aware of what happens when they don’t slow down near a tow scene. This is just what we do. Hey toew

em easy, I’m going for food.

me knyte

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