At least they served us lunch

So near 11:45 my attorney and I were outside the halls of juris prudince talking about things in general, and here comes this squeeky little cart, kind of like a craft cart at a movie set, filled with lunchables. The soup was good although I wish there had been more of it, but hey, it was free. Looks like the radio gear will be here and if nothing goes ary by August we should be back on the cyber air. And over the air just shortly after the first of the year, which means I need to get my butt in gear finding hot honey hiney to occupy radio studio chairs. Last night I did something stupid sorta. Was out on a toew call, and like I always do , left my cell in the truck. I do that, because not too long ago, I had another cell in my pocket and not giving attention, ran over the damn thing. Hey it was early morning, I was tired, it was snowing and terrible cold. Well left my cell in the truck last night, came home all the way to Burley no phone. Got in bed at 01:00 and only got up to squirt 2 times. Doing better, although one of my meds makes Herman shrink. Well court is about to get back in session, catch you on the bounce around later this evening.


My throne

my throne

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