We finally won yippee , and what is it about blondes?


Before I get into my rants here, I have a thing that needs to be said. An old cop in Glenn’s Ferry Idaho, once said to me that there is the State of Ada, where Boise is located, and then there is Idaho, very seldom does the two twains meet. Nothing makes me more upset than seeing media of ANY kind, ignore the rest of the beautiful state of Idaho. Granted there are tons of assholes here, that is everywhere. That said, when your trucking down a mountain highway, or one of the older backroad highways, and see all the scenery that only God above created. You feel isolated when KTVB, KIVI or any other TV station out of Boise that pipes in here via Cable( Sparklight) One Cable. They don’t even take the time to even mention the weather in Burley, Paul, Rupert, Declo, Malta. Nope , Or the news from around here, local KMVT is not much better. There has to be some major event or tragedy here for anybody in media except us at HazzardAyre Radio, to report it. I call it arrogant journalism, and if I had my way, the Cassia area cable system would pipe in signals from eastern Idaho, like Idaho Falls and Pocatello. 

Well it was court day today, the judgement was in favor of the Knytes, and we’ll be getting our radio gear back, plus some chump change $’s for loss of revenue, about a half mill. Next is the Cook Crooks on that mess in Jerome, then its off to the races for CenturyLink. $2, mill there for loss of revenue and breech of contract. 

What is it about blondes that turns just about every male corpuscles crank? Including me. Is it that a blonde symbolizes purity, angelic , innocence ? What? For me its more on the level of the first 3 preteen , tween, and teen crushes. First there was Jolene Hatch(Niece of senator Hatch R-Utah) I was romancing her at age 4 to about 6. Then of course, there was Peggy Follett, who to me was thee one. After that collapsed there was Michelle Gates, of Utah. Again one who allowed me to play in places and with toys dig what I’m saying? Of course there after that was Robin, Miss Dixie Diesel Radio 1993, and then Erin(Nurse GoodBody) . Of all that there are the usual jokes and humor surrounding blondes. How dingy, stupid, airheaded they are. Let me tell you , blondes are NOT, repeat, NOT stupid. Yet a blonde will get a spotlight every time. If your in Church, for example; if a great looking blonde with a few hints of eye candy comes in and sits down in the chapel , I will guarentee you every guy in there is looking. Even married ones, in their funny magic underwear. So really what is it about blondes that tweakes a guys fancy? More research needs to be done. I’m headed to grub ville. 

L8r Ya’ll.

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