Those who ride get it, women of men who ride get it. And yippee I got to see Ashley today.

Before I get into it here, gotta say, Ashley is still looking good. She says once we get everything running, she’ll take us up on our offer. Her flaming hair, against that black T-Shirt, is just stunning. I swear, if I ever did do the papa-mama thing with her, once I withdrew it’d sound like someone popping out a wine bottle cork. Although hiney may be saying one thing while the Rosey ello-xhdpi-05097aeemay say something else. Makes bringing home the groceries from Smiths, a whole other concept. Which brings me to my subject. 

samcro journalI haven’t been chatting about this for awhile, simply cuz it ain’t been too gooda weather to be ridding in and there are things the Knytes like to keep some things internal and quiet. However here lately there has been soonamay waves in my domicile that need defining. The thing is unless you have straddled a HD and taken a long ride you have no idea of the peace and tranquility that is rendered there. Nor the magic and togetherness that happens between a couple on a ride. The camping by roadside and all is an experience that can’t be duplicated. Now that said , belonging to an MC has its protocols . There is order to our anarchy, one of these protocols, is selecting lady eye candy for club projects, like gaining a spotlight on KTOW our radio station, or the MC shop. Yet every time I select someone my dear PoohBear throws a fit. Now sure , I’d like to have Loren; 51689148_2275998802672841_4309678611255787520_nOr Brenda>ello-xhdpi-cafd7a9eyet because both are mega media stars I have about as much chance of snagging one of those as I do winning the Idaho lottery, in fact I’d have a better chance at the lottery. Yet my sweet heart, has to fuss. Yet its my final decision who represents the Knytes, on TV and in magazines. To an MC , reputation, is everything. Like the GEICO commercial says , if you ride , you get it. 


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