Maybe its because I didn’t really have a childhood?

There are days, I wonder why I am, the way I am. My childhood if you want to call it that was not all Cherry Pies, and cartoons up until age 4-1/2. Before that, I had health problems like you can’t believe . My immune system was near none existant. My body could not produce white blood cells, which meant every single cold, flu, chicken pox, fevers that usually ran into the hundreds like 108, 110. But mom through Jean Hatch , Jolene’s mom, of a old country doctor in Farmington Utah. His name was Harrold Jensen, and he made his own cough suppresent. He started me on a medicine called ; Gamma Globlin. For near two years, once a week, Mom or Dad , sometimes both, packed my butt to Doc Jensen’s in our really old 56 Merc Montclaire to get what we started calling my fun shot. Before Doc Jensen, I had so many Doctors that poked my butt with a needle, that I was terrified of a shot needle. I developed an terrible allergy to Penicilan , That exists today. You shoot me with that and I go into convulsions. By the time I turned 5 that was all over. And my mind was of such that I gained serious intelligence. Don’t ask me why, but I did. Plus I loved doing business. First with a KoolAid stand, then progressed to a newspaper route, then, fixing pedal bikes. Then came Radio. It was at about 7 years old or so, Mom and Dad came up to Jerome Idaho, to do business on the ranch we had in Hagerman. I had my bike, and was cruizing around J-Town, and looked into this building that was KART AM in Jerome.(Its now a taxidermy shop). All those knobs, buttons, lights, I wanted to play with that thing. So everytime we went to Jerome, I’d hang out with Kim and Kent Lee. At the time FM radio was in its infancy, Big Al Lee, had put on the air a easy listening station on FM called KFMA 92.7 . One afternoon, Kent, Kim and I were playing around, and when I saw the cockpit of KFMA with computer sort of controlled broadcast gear, I knew then I wanted in on this. So the next weekend as the two Lee brothers and I were goofing off, but I had brought some of my records of rock n roll. Kent showed me how to go LIVE on KFMA, and I started playing rock on that FM station. People liked it. So Big Al, said as long as I kept my schooling grades up he’d give me a weekend gig. It was called Saturday night Dance Party, the format was so hot that it evolved into Z103, and the rest is history. Besides flying, doing Radio, was all I ever wanted to do. Then of course there was the gig at KMTW FM, and then KLIX AM, where I did or started a over the road trucker program. Again the rest is history. Of course my style of radio was a bit to edgy, for the area, so when the doors had pretty much closed on me, I cranked up with the aid of The TeenAge Truckers 4-H Club, what we originally called KDSL- or Kay-Diesel, at 89.1 FM. In 1984 KDSL, was changed to KTOW FM and the rest of that ya’ll know. Guess I was always ahead of my peers. I wasn’t a nerd by any sort, but I decided to enhance my brain, rather than doing athletics, and such. My nose was always in a radio tech manual, or a book of some sort. Then of course there is Zeb Bell, someone I admire very much. When I hear his show, on KBAR AM 1230, or read his Blog postings it’s like we are both twins. His thoughts are the same ones I have. He and I only disagree on one thing, He is Union, I’m full blooded Confederate. That I can’t deny. More in the AM, I’m ouutta here.

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