You Really have to love this profession

You really have to love this profession. KTOW’s main mission is to inform, educate, and entertain every single towing owner, driver. In North America. With that said. Some radio shows I used to hear years ago, for over the road truckers, was about as phony as could be, only two that I know of really had a CDL, or even knew how to pilot a rig. Even so, had no clue of what it really is like to be out on that open highway. Same goes for us who toew. Putting someone in the drivers seat of a radio studio that has never piloted, much less done a heavy recovery, call was just not going to git-r-done. So it became the duty to the Iron Knytes to be the main pilot in that radio cockpit. Back in the mid 70’s early 80’s if we caught 20 calls a week we were seriously banking. So I had lots of time I could devote to the radio station and the shows on it. Today the picture is much different. We catch 30 calls plus a day, so free time is near none existant. Which brings me to the main focus of this report.

Being a toew jock, is a 24/7/365 profession. There is no such thing as a day of. There is very little time for rest, to potty, or even eat. Most holidays are serious work days. When it snows its all hands on the road toewing. Snagging a rig out of a ditch, or righting a trailer is not work to me , its somewhat of a pleasant challenge. I got into the business right after my Dad passed away. So when such TV shows, as Highway Thru Hell downloador>download (1) is on, you can bet your next tire change, that I’m in front of the TV, at least when I can. When I watch such shows, its not strictly for entertainment. I watch with the intent that I just may learn something, or see how they do a recovery, and figure out if I would do it that way. I love toew trucks and toewing. You can turn my head with a sharp toew truck, than a skimpy blonde in wearing hardly anything else besides her nylons. half a leg sweet looking heavy toew rig

The profession is just that, its more than just a job, its a lifestyle. 

Like I always say we love Toews.

L8R Taters. 

My Ayre Sig

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