Things distant are closer than they may appear . And where did that Prayer come from?

So got off the phone with PoohBear, and of course it was another fuss about nothing to fuss about. I chatted with a gal, at Smith’s named April, who is a great friend of Ashley’s. Both of which, I’m trying to convince into doing a photo session with some of our trucks for a TV ad we are working up with SparkLight Cable Advertising. The reason, is ; that come late September The Mayans, will be back on for season two, and getting both HCC as well as the Club, in front of that will do big things for both the club and the shop. Plus we are working on some national ads to back our name sake download (1) as well as :download both for our toew op, as well as KTOW. Having some eye candy would be good, to get the attention of the 80% male demo, that watches these shows. Yet; PoohBear is always thinking that I might be or are about to step out on her. If that was the case I would have done that months even years ago before I got into this nightmare of Idaho. Heck I could have snagged Syd, and stayed right there in Evanston, Wyoming. With controlled rent, my trucks , Rick, hell, if I had stayed in Evanston, LexiBelle would have never got raped. I’d have been making much more money, there than I am here. But Nooo , PoohBear, thought Evanston hated her and didn’t want anything to do with the town, so I moved over here, and now I live in a no bedroom motel room, that has only two advantages, Power, and cable/internet included. Hell I can get that in Evanston, but guess what I have stayed put. Why? Because PoohBear has this terrible self esteem prior experience problem, and any lady with serious eye candy becomes a threat. Not that I haven’t thought about it. I had one who played with my feet that I might have, split with, except, PoohBear chewed her butt so bad that killed that. I could go into many examples, but the thing is; As of yet, PoohBear hasn’t yet contacted the Church to go through the lessons to become a member of the Church, which would open her eyes as to why I will not cheat or step out on her. 

That all said , if your going to do business in the realm that I do business, you have to cultivate contacts. Like today, I was out at BJ’s. I go there to tune in on gossip. Some times it is gossip, but there is occassionally accurate. So there chowing down, and Shauna came up and chatted with me. It’s important because she and her guy pal, still live in the place I rented in Jerome. If I keep Shauna tight, I can gain intel, on what the Cook crooks are doing. I still want that place, since it was one place that this radio op worked, and worked well. I wouldn’t have been evicted from there had it not been for PoohBear. She says it was a goof up with SSI, bullshit, she was jealous of a Laurette and Chandra. What PoohBear did is kill or seriously injured near 25 Years to build. But that goes on, and we see what happens there. 

Now I was curious to find out where the prayer, mostly said by children , that goes: Now I lay me down to sleep. The origin, is still a bit cloudy. More research needs to be done.


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