Computers and women, there are certain things you absolutely need to deal with them.

If you have the misfortune to having to work with technology, or women in your career, you absolutely need certain additives to cope. 

And a way out>road-runner-sticker-cartoon-old-fast-car Women respond to things with way too much biological chemistry, and emotion. Us male corpuscles respond with logic and not much if any emotion. I was taught as a young Wolf PuPsleeping-baby-dire-wolf-SWA0023611 to never cry or let your heart get in the way. Sure; Heavenly Father had compassion, I do as well, but its in our male DNA to be the matriarch and master of the home. As well as provider. As such, my world has one thing in it all day every day, money. Making money, using money, but money. What doesn’t make me money or messes with me making money is done away with quite rapidly. As it is, and there is a change in this, in the very near future, I’m responsble for 300,000 plus members of a mother organization which has 4 subsidiaries. As the Vee=Pee I watch over all of them, making sure dues are paid, that the organization is generating money, and that all of their families are cared for. One of my duties in this, is recruiting, training and deploying lady model/acting talent for our various promo projects and TV ads etc. This is not a situation of getting laid, these women are hired to do only one thing , make the organization money and indirectly make me money. This is something PoohBear hasn’t grabbed ahold of the concept. In her eyes I’m being unfaithful. An old saying says, ” Never dip your pen in company ink” In short you don’t make whoopie with your model/acting talent. Yes the toew Smooch and all is there,but that is scripted. Albeit rehearsed. Then there’s finding what you want the talent to wear. That means looking over tons of Pinterest postings amongst others, not to ogle over what’s wearing the threads. Does it look good, will it work on our talent? The list goes on but its all in the mix that’s just Models/Actress’s. When it comes to KTOW FM , putting people on the air is of a greater task. We hire mostly women for this, simply because we pair the ladies with the male, MC members to be in studio on air. Similar to Robin And Howard. It works and has worked for them for years and in most instances has worked for us. Finding that uninhibited talent lady wise, that have a sense of humor. Can be a daunting task. Any males involved in our model/talent projects, is done by our members of the MC, and being territorial, the MC don’t groove on having outside other male corpuscles hanging around. Unless your a patched male member, your not in our studios. 

So overnight last night, PoohBear and I had a serious fight. Now I come from a family that my Mom and Dad very seldom had and kind of fight, at least not as bad as PoohBear and I had last night. The reason, my Mom And Dad were too much into being partners in life and business. They had a common goal between them, a 400 acre farm/ranch slightly north of West-Point Idaho, that I called Hazzard County, although in reality it was in Gooding County. There just was too much hard farm life and work to do, that there was no idle time to fight. Even when we lived in Layton Utah, they didn’t fight. There never was a unfaithful cheating issue brought up because that wasn’t in Mom nor Dad’s DNA, nor is it in mine. But try to get that across to PoohBear is another daunting task. So as it is; there is a time out in place, but PoohBear and I are working it all out, that being said, one more fuss over me stepping out etc, or a misstep in sending me her dues money, then I have to look elsewhere. I’m getting too old and I hate going to the hospital because of stress of it all. 

So in closing, if you deal with Computers, or women in your career, you absolutely need these two things:

 And a way out road-runner-sticker-cartoon-old-fast-car

I’m outta here, Adios Amigo’s

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