The need to Network.

Been busy here overnight. 10 toews, no sleep, and a crew of ours up on the Idaho/Montana border near Lost Trail Pass working a over turned bull hauler. Chains advised in that area. 

Something I learned the hard way in my business dealings is to network. I used to internalize everything. Yet making connections helped to grow my business. The Knytes used to do that as well. We thought, ” Hey we can do it all ourselves,” Yet I discovered there are things I flat don’t know. Others have their gig, and When they offer I accept. Be it linear TV editing to advertising, to news releases . I didn’t and don’t know everything especially building a website, and computer geeky things. So I go to experts. And when others need a radio ad done, or call me for my own company for a toew, I specialize in that. It’s a scratch my butt, I scratch theirs. Yet , still my PoohBear has not caught the flavor of that. Going to and belonging to such things as a Chamber of Commerce or a business organization is a way to connect. Sure there are websites like, LinkedIn, and such, but that doesn’t substitute to feet on the ground, handshaking, and breaking bread with other business people. 

With that, and the fact that I’m holding my eye lids open with power poles as toothpicks are not cutting it, I bid ya’ll a good night/day.

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