The AyreWolvez are getting off the tarmac.

Here’s proof fellow aviators, that $10.00 tips, do help make a connection. Alex is on board now with the WolfPack/A-Team. She has been serving me the $9.00 55 starter breakfast now for near 2 months. Her go get done attitude, and bright demeanor, just brightens my day. What surprized me this morning, was the fact that when I suggested she join the A-Team, she didn’t give me the, ” O I’ll Think About it Shrug” She said absolutely yes. When I asked for her phone number, she instantly gave it to me without reservation. Having her in studio. Means bringing in the late teen and early 20 year old audience. That means getting sponsors like Ross and other youth based retailers on board as advertisers. 

Ok then: I have been asked why the WolfPack, and not as much Knytes. Simple the WolfPack is the only subsidiary, of the Knytes that isn’t so covert and such. The WolfPack is a subsidiary of the Knytes/SAMCRO MC that any one can join, as long as they are into military aviation, and specialty aircraft. As such we are going to do a scheduled meeting regiment, every 2nd Friday at Noon at Denny’s here in Burley. And get some publicity going for the AyreWyng of the Knytes. 

I saw that the Huey at the entrance of the Burley Airport is down on the ground without a tail. I’m going to inquire about rescuing the byrd, and restoring it. On the Burley Airport, I’m leaning towards that for the AyreShow next year, but other locations are being explored.

Be that as it is, here’s Alex, our new recruit. 58719858_1223597064469241_8022441722820689920_n and with that, and the fact I haven’t slept all night, and the other fact that the pain pills I took for the accident I had on a tow overnight grabbling a nail gin and puttin a nail in my hand, I’m going to bed.

L8R Aviators 

47 at dusk

My Ayre Sig

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