Who named those things what they did?


So me and a couple of the WolfPack were here at the Wolf’s Den guzzling a few barley pops, and trying to find something on TV to Watch. It’s pretty bad when the best things on are The World According to the Chrisley’s and Andi Mack on the Disney Channel. So caught the middle of some night talk show on BBC America, First off why does Madonna have a patch over one eye? Did she get into a accident of some sort? Then came this one seatcover , that openly showed one of her female parts. Guess British TV is a bit more open minded than American TV. So Doug says, ” Why did they name that what they did? ” Is there an origin to the word Vagina? According to sources, the word Vagina is the word originally used to describe a sheath for a knife or sword. Aerola , who used that first, and what would you call it otherwise. Words are strange beings. Lets take a word that describes rather crudley a person who is activly involved physically with the same gender. The Word FAG, in the USA defines that kind of a people. However, in the UK, the word FAG, means a cigarette. In our nation we say we are going to have sex, in the UK, they just say , We’re going to shag. Many words like that , like Hooker. In one case it means a street walker, in CB talk, it means tow truck. In fact and its what we based all this foot toe thing on, the word TOW means ; to pull behind. The word toe, means part of a human foot, yet while spelled different, meaning something different, sounds the same. Which is why one of my best lady friends, Emme Kaylor put the two words together as toew, and so that’s how that started. Or the word crepe, which I pronounced Creepy, as in my opinion, should be spelled crayp. Not crepe or creepy. 

Our new recruit didn’t call Friday, might have been busy, so will follow up Monday on that. Thing is I’m not going to beg. Nor am I going to keep spending money at Denny’s here in Burley, and all the rest. The way I look at it, I opened the door, if Alex and/or others walk through fine, if not their loss, I’ll be John Brown , If I’m going to hunt em down or carry them across the doorstep. Bullstuff. The basic need is simple to give our action on a online station some serious adrenilin, traction, we need to add some gas to the fire, in the form of a hot babe in leather, working it around and all LexiBelle. <>Lexi2 To let potential listeners who are into the toew bizz, to tune into the show. Rather than remaining a low rent rondevoo , we want us to be prime time radio real estate. I want one to be as hot in front of the camera, as well as hot behind the mic in OUR studio, for 6 hours , 6 days a week. I need 4 talents, for both. Think we are having any luck? Heck no. When I shoot film, or video of lets say feet and toes in nylon hose. I want the viewer, even though they might not be in the room, yet as they view the pic or video, I want them to smell the sweat, I want them to taste the Pheremones coming from her. Its called serious realism. Now one audition I did a few years ago when we had just barely moved into our studio in Woods Cross Utah, I got on the phone to Vickie who is a darn great looking lady herself. She runs a agency called Talent Management Group in Murry Utah. Any mile set up an audition. Among the talent was a hottie(still is) Michele Wilson. Not only did she show up wearing what I requested, but as she straightened her stockings on her feet I could feel and experience her scent. Of course I wanted a longer casting session, than the simple 10 minutes they gave me to chat with Michele, but she was what I wanted. To summerize that experience, when the price or rate, for Michele was quoted at $2k, The Knytes thought that was too expensive, which I thought was workable. That ad run got burned because Ch4 Utah, thought that the Rebel flag of ours was a bit too intense for Utah viewers. Really? Now with that said, I am going to pitch the idea at Vickie Monday. However, like with Alex. With the video, TV ad, and Print ad, not to mention our aviation/truck pinup Calendar, we are going to need 12 ladies. For each month of the year. My thoughts are, lets find those angels at the truck stops, cafe~s, and such who look great and have that personality, yet are the ladies next door, as well as are the ladies we see everyday when we roll in to grab grub. 6 Pro models/actors, like Michele, 6, local gals. Casting audition session in the middle of July at BJ’s Sports Bar here in Burley. Will put up dates on Facebook and here once confirmed. 

L8R Aviators


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