It was a Sunday, after the party

Good Monday Morning, looks like great trucking weather today. And a great day to get on your bike and see the country. 

It was a Sunday recovering day, after a huge party, after a MC Summit. Met new members of other MC’s and welcomed new members into ours. The Knytes Knytes of Dixie 2are growing, from all areas. I’m proud of this organization, and the tenacity of the Club. So I was recovering(still am) from one hellashish party. I started with beer, but ended with concocshuns I can’t even attatch a name to. So at around 5pm(17:00) I cruized over to Church, and ran into Nurse GoodBody. At that of course PoohBear was texting, and getting into one of her moods. Saw sister Smith and gave a great sendaway to a ward Missionary. So Sister Erin, invites me over to dinner, spent time doing the GranPappy thing. And then when I fingered that the Fuzz had got into their hives, I rode home. 

Our member and my dearest friend in Wyoming where LexiBelle>Lexi2is sleeping is getting impatient on a bill of sale, for Gabrella , the Subaru. Problem is I’ve never constructed on paper a bill of sale. Reason? I have never sold a car before. Bought plenty, but never sold one. So I’m going to a dealer friend of mine to get a blank Bill-of-Sale, so I can make one out for Rick. 

Have you ever noticed, that while Natalie Moralas hosts old episodes of DateLine, yet never narrated a episode? Makes one wonder why, don’t it? 

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The gig of radio I’m trying to fix and get back on the air, even if that air is cyber casting. If there is anyone that can rejuvinate and help me to rebuild HazzardAyre and all that is part of that, including KTOW FM, its Nurse GoodBody. Its been near a month, since I inquired to my former Bishop, and friend as well as my attorney told be to write a brief, to recover our equipment from Twin Falls, yet I can’t wrap my mind around that. Reasons? Don’t have a solid place to put it, two: outside of Alex, 

58719858_1223597064469241_8022441722820689920_nI don’t have anyone here in Burley to help work it I can’t do it all myself. Now to add insult to injury, PoohBear shuts down every Lady friend, I recruit, to help enhance KTOW. It’s one of those things that is on a very sandy foundation. 

It’s that time, more this afternoon.

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