After Midnight is when I let it all hang out.

There’s a few of you, that have asked; why don’t you go to bed at night? Simple answers, but the main one is that after midnight is when I get better bandwidth so I can write this Interweb news journal. 2: I don’t get bothered by numerous phone calls, and after midnight is when I do get the real nasty toew calls. Rather than climb in bed, then get woke up , having to get dressed and respond to I-84 to rescue an 18 wheeler that’s in trouble or disabled. So why go to bed? Plus , cable TV is better after midnight, you get the real good shows. Speaking of TV Shows, at first I really hammered the show on USA, Network Chrisley Knows Best. When you get down to it, its basicly All in The Family, set in a rich mans house. First of all, Todd Chrisley is an over bearing, bully that loves to Lord it over his family. What needs to happen there is his Son Chase , needs to pop his old man in the mouth. The mother looks okay from shoulders up, but further down, she could use a lot more running on a treadmill. Then of course there is the new series, the Radke’s. Talk about Lard on legs, I mean, one episode had her ridding a horse, I felt sorry pappy's journalfor the horse. Someone should call PETA, and report her for abusing a horse like that. Been watching Queen of the South, which is a Sapranos style series with a Cajun twist. Its not that bad. Any mile, the marathons at night are great, from House, to Chicago PD, its good stuff. Plus just like the Interweb around here, Cable-One aka SpakLight, has some real line issues. During the day, some of the networks will loose signal, what it is, is there are aircraft coming off Twin Falls’s Airport, right over the satellite dish, that supplies Cable-One. If it were me, I’d put the dish, on Mnt. Harrison, and microwave the signal to the distribution point. 

pappy's journalDidn’t do anything hardly today. We crushed cars and pickups for scrap, hauled that off, cleaned up the quaters, here and fetched food. I’d love to go see Rick and all down in Etown, thing is that frigging fuel guage is still messed up. It works sometimes, all started when those idiots at John’s Tires took off that GPS Tracking thing and fuggled up the ignition switch. 

That’s all;

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