The $500 Bandaid .

Yesterday I was reeling in winch cable, and caught a spur on the cable. For those not in the know, a spur is when a wire, of the cable is broken and is like a thorn on that cable. So there I was with a hand, gushing blood like an oil well , and so got to the ER, and they washed it all off, put a butterfly bandage, on it, and then a couple of Bandaids. So , even though I get Medicaid, I took a look at the bill. $500.00 mainly a Bandaid. Only thing is: The damn thing hurts like a very serious paper cut. So the GodFather, told me to stay home, lick my wounds and come in Thursday. So I’m home all day. But it brings me to the theory, that one should look carefully at such things. Your winch cable is your main vein, on a tow truck. If that don’t work, or has breaks, your asking for a cable break. I have seen that before, and it ain’t purtty. It’s the little things that can go bang big time. Rick didn’t ring my phone yesterday. It’s gotten to the point that it might be time to bum one of the GodFather’s flat beds and go down and fetch it and rebuild it on my own. 

Have a Great Day.

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