I hate Cell Phones, ToewNotes Thursday.

I just hate Cell Phones, constant connectivity everywhere is as of now near impossible, unless you have a military satellite phone. Which brings me to step two here. The fuel Guage on General JaxSon, don’t work very well if at all. I have had that problem with the car since I bought it. I’m nearly sure it had something to do with that dealer installed GPS tracker that John’s Tire put on it. When they took it off they just ripped out of there. The idea of going to see Rick down in Etown isn’t a bad idea, but not knowing how much go fluid is in the tank, is not a smart adventure I want to undertake. And some , no , most places on the route are not too well lit up with Cell towers or service. Which means running out of go fluid, in the middle of BFI or U, and no way to howl howlerfor help is not a happening I want to experience. Thankfully there’s a place next door to me that can fix it, and fix it for good, so I’ll be wheeless for a few days. I’d fix it myself, cept my tools are on mini Wolf mini wolf 1inside the shop place in Twin Falls and until I can fetch it, all it sits. Plus I don’t have a lift to drop the tank, nor a shop to work in. Here in town its not much of a risk, but out on the big road, no can do. So I wait for the monies to roll in this month, and go from there. Now, when I bought the car, it was that when CatWolf moves out here, and with wolf-pup’s on the horizon I needed a car. Plus Saturn’s have incedible fuel milage. So I bought a car, although I could have bought a truck. Now about phones. I hate long drawn out phone calls. CatWolf calls and its nearly the same thing, what r you doing, where’s Sunny? and so on. The call gets longer. Quite frankly, although I Love her dearly, I shorten the call as best as I can. I just don’t have time for long phone chats. Heck I barely have time to spank the monkey, let alone talk about stuff I really don’t want to hover on. It’s not that I don’t care, its just, what can I do about anything from way out here? The Club can’t go into Florida, as we mutually agreed with a prosecuter years ago, after a rumble we were in, at Rat’s Hole Florida. To keep from being a long time guest at the cross bar motel, we again, agreed to not go to Florida. If we are caught there, cuts or not, its slammer time. Another adventure I would rather avoid. With that said, let’s move onto a better subject.

Miss KTOWAs ya’ll know KTOW is going through some difficult times. To increase at least local interest in our Webcasting radio station/network, putting some sizzle in front of some eyes on Cable TV ads etc as well as getting some newspaper ink, can do a lot to further the cause of the effort. So we are launching a Miss KTOW FM talent search. Do up a calendar and so on. 

pAppys cornerThe other reason at least right now, that I write, instead of radio, is that, besides the fact the equipment and place to put it is a ellusive pursuit, is that LexiBelle Lexi2is not here and I’m not doing much in the industry, except part timing it as a contract operator for A1. That being that. Back in 1979 I made an address at that years Summer Summit. I said then, if there comes a time, that I pull the keys, and I’m not actively in the business I could not with a good conscience be on radio barking for the industry. I said too that it would be phony. And I had heard,seen, and met many at the time who were doing over the road trucker radio shows, that had hosts, that had never in their lives drove a truck, much less been in a rig. I will not go down that path. So I write as much as I can, about the MC, AC, and TC, as well as about me. God I miss my trucks. mini wolf 1 my LexiBellebut at least I have General JaXson waiting General Until L8R Ya’ll I’m in bed. solitary_wolf_by_zedlord_art-d6v5upl


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