Talk is politics, action is better than talk.

TOEW PATCHtoew notes

So I watched the Democratic debate on CH-7. While my bets are on Harris, Gillibrand is my second choice. However, both parties, have yet to address the elephants in the room. Farm policies, and how the trade way with north Korea is hurting American farmers, likewise, Trucking policy, with getting new things in gear for those that haul America. And of course; such things as a FCC Chair, more hell bent on increasing air space for Cell phone companies rather than preserving local home grown rural radio and TV owner/operators. For some gall darn reason, the moderators and those writing the questions, never address those issues. Or others, getting legislation out there that reins in such tech giants as Facebook and Google. Make these tech giants accountable to those who use their services, not us be begging in front of them doing everything except giving head just to get equal treatment, on these social media networks. Instead of Miami, or a Los Angeles, or even Las Vegas for debates, I’d like to see on either party bring that to Boise or even Pocatello. Visit real Americ, in a real American state. Then there are the hosts and moderators. First why NBC? A thing like a debate should be on a better network, like say PBS, which is going to be hurting since Congress is looking to defunding CPB, which funds PBS. Then the moderators. Having Brian Williams as a host, after he got the boot for lieing to the American public so often and got canned for feeling up a co-worker at 30 Rock, in NYC, and he’s not going to be biased? Shaun Hannity would have been a better selection. I usually don’t vote for many of them unless I know them personally. If I have shaken their hand at Church, My thought is simply one. The United Confederate National Party. csaflagAs I close so I can answer Poohbear’s phone call. I heard from several candidates tonight, which made me sick, when they said they were pro Choice. I do not align myself with people with women, who thing that oriffice between their legs is just for having fun. Killing a child fully formed or not should be murder. No debate there. If women and men are not ready to bring a life into this world, KEEP YOUR DAMN PANTS ZIPPED UP. 

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