Truth and Real, is far beyond what is normal for our society.

So there I was watching the tail end of Queen of the South on USA, and an ad for Microsoft comes up. Here is this slightly hot Blonde named Taylor Church , pitching a Laptop computer. Says she’s a TV , Podcast producer. So thinking this might be a someone to invite to join our team, I looked her up. No one in the business knows of her, and bottom line she’s not real. Just another poster girl for a TV ad that has no clue of anything she’s barking about. I’m getting tired of this crap on TV , on social sites and media in general. Its too damn phony and fake. There is not one thing hardly anymore posted on these sites, and aired on these TV ad’s that are real. People are getting lied to by TV, Social sites, politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, The Fuzz, even some Church leaders, mine included. The one source you CAN trust is us. Truth is, you CAN find us at even just logging on one can listen to our network, even with a smartphone. The Knytes are real, as well as the WolfPack, my company is real, and yet, try as we might, we can’t get any press or hardly any from local or trade press. I have tried several times to get it in front of Mr. Rhodes at RadioInk, yet I get ignored, and yet he started a gig for us into Webcasting. Quite honestly there is nothing else like us at HazzardAyre Radio, as well as our flagship KTOW FM. us

Still, there are our critics, hecklers, and folks who have no knowledge that want to point fingers and say it ain’t so. When in fact it is true. My question to the public is, why can’t ya’ll just be honest? Whether on FB, Twitter, or any other side of public media. It is better to tell the truth, than fib. I learned that one the hard way. When I was about 8, I pedaled my fancy Sears Bike down to Kowley Drug Store in Layton, one summer day. Now I had earned the trust of the gal working the soda fountain, so when she was taking out the trash and left me in charge I blemished that trust, by pocketing two boxes of Milk Duds. Went home, Mom caught me and because I both stole the candy and lied about it, my Mom took this wooden paddle toy that had a ball on it attached by a rubber band. Mom ripped off the ball, pulled down my britches, and right there in that Drug store in front of friends I’d see the next week in school, paddled my bare butt red. Today any time I even think of telling a lie I remember that afternoon. I will not lie. To PoohBear or anyone else. I think that our Rebel brethren are of the same mind space. Dixie Rebels, just do not lie. It’s just in our DNA, and follows the triangle of our Honor code, Strength, Truth, Sacrifice and the circle is the circle of honor, sok logothat symbol unites all the Knytes and WolfPack. We are very dedicated to each other with a sense of duty unmatched in American commerce or organizations. Too bad some of those who were on the debate by Democrats don’t have that same mindset. A very wise magazine publisher editor, that is the business model that the Knytes follow even today, Mike Parkhurst, original publisher of Overdrive retro-coversaid to me about hecklers and those that ignore you. He said, “look em in the eye, and tell em, don’t lie about me, and I wont tell the truth about you.” Something I carry with me today. So to Taylor Church spokesperson for Microsoft, Mr. Rhodes, of RadioInk, ignore me and our station if you want, but as many that copy us, we can never be duplicated or replaced. Yes we are that good, and oh yes; want to get in touch with us simple as dialing up 

hose phone

More in the afternoon, for me its lights out.

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