Going where NO MAN has gone before and possible surgery in the very near future.

The day started out okay, a bit cooler, windy and blustery, but it was off to St. Luke’s where I was to undergo a colonoscopy. Colonoscopyessentially going where NO MAN has gone before.Starfleet_Logo more like a Nemesis nemesis_1024 so There I was from midnight last night into day, in the hospital, only getting a liquid diet, and wanting a steak, and near starvation. However this is not the end. Oh no. When I told the Doc, that I was having trouble pissing, he ordered a urinary exam, including my prostate. Which as it turns out has enlarged and cutting off the hose to my bladder. He ordered some meds for that, but told me that if it didn’t clear up by August, it was a surgery session. Oh goody I get to have that walnut sized gland yanked. So how was your day? I didn’t tell PoohBear about all this as she worries too much and would be prancing like a step horse in her tent. So I just shut up. 

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While I was being layed out like a just caught trout about to be bread coated, one of the crew tending to me and asked about the WolfPack. THEE WOLFPACK Logowas formed it was completely a calculated accident. The story goes that in the year 2001 I was once again residing in Jerome at a complex for us older folks. I had been put on Active Reserve status and was watching Black Sheep Squadron on TV. When overhead a group of F4-U Corsair’s flew over. After I tracked em down, got to talking with a curator at a air muzeeum, there and when I inquired about how much people paid to buy one of these restored military warbirds, well lets just say I knew I was in the wrong business. Fast forward to 2004, just shy of my formal discharge from the Corps, I was fetching some mirrors from a old truck of the year LexiBelle is, after doing so, sat on the flight line at Bountiful SkyPark, Utah. Watching the aircraft. Shortly after got in touch with cousin Gordon, he, my other cousin Bud, and I, came to the conclusion, that the place to invest the remains of the Montgomery Foundation money that was liquid, into something we called AyreWolf Aviation, Restoration and Repair. To amplify the business, some of the then Hazzard County Choppers Klub, who served in the Corps, along with myself, gathered, a call went out to Ben who was the CEO/ Excec President at the time of the Knytes, and there after the WolfPack aka

With that and the fact my butt is really sore, I bid you all a great Saturday

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