I truly despise greedy people.

Well its the first of the month. People including myself got our military pension check, and SSI, benefits. As such many went out to consume boobs and booze. As for me, I was out retrieving all those who didn’t call a cab or a uber to get home safely. 

Now on KTOW FM. We had things rolling in the right direction by October last year. Yet the rent for the place that housed the studio, kept going up, and up, and up to where I couldn’t pay it, and the Knytes could not finance that much of an increase. As such by mid month November last year, we got evicted. Despite all my efforts to remain there, the greedy Mr. Cook , crook, kept stinging me for more money. With no option I moved things into a facility, that was billed and advertised as both a place to live and work. Question became how? Here it was middle of the winter, the place had no heat, and toilet was a trip outside to another spot to go potty. Mid January with stress over the space, I got a bleeding ulcer and a bunch of other things biological that I can’t spell them. So I was in the hospital. Conversations with the owners was brief and was just about paying rent. I had plans there to improve the place, but by early February I was locked out of the place. Stress level rose and back in the hospital I went with the aid of a ambulance. I had to pay $600.00 a month, and for the shop/studio $875.00 which was just over what by the combination of my funds and PoohBear’s it didn’t work. Bishop Nelson helped a few times, yet to date the equipment to mak our InterWeb Webcasts, are locked up. We need to get this situation repaired. Thing is up to this point even if I had the gear I would Have no places to put it or operate it from. So we roll/. With hope that come next week should have a studio, now just need to get Bishop Nelson acting as my attorney on this matter to rescue the equipment. In the meanwhile I keep you up to date here.

Both situations were caused by plain greed. Landlords seem to feel and assume, that just because our media op, is underwritten by a 1%er MC, (Motorcycle Club) that its a bottomless pit. There’s a limit. Look I understand everyone needs to sleep. Me paying them reasonable rents etc, allows them to pay their bills. However the rent should not keep going up just because a Landlord can. Its not legal. Essentially these people took away the tools for me to make a living. As well as supporting through duty the MC. Not to be having to go to Bishops, and any other public aid agency. Which I have been having to do. The only blessing I have now is I have a good but humble place to live, with Internet/cable and all other such expenses covered under $500.00 a month. Which with PoohBear’s contribution each month I can grow this radio op, called KTOWFM/HazzardAyre. http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 


The bottom line here is making a living is good, scalping people is not a way to do business. Greed ruins reputations, reduces return investments and is evil at its glory. God our Heavenly Father detests Greed. Its our Lord, or money, one cannot serve two masters.