A maniac Monday and who are you? And why me?


It’s a Maniac Monday. Recovering from a very busy tow wise weekend. I mean it was wyld. Must have been from the factors of SSI and other checks rolling in, and people having money. So the go out and guzzle alcohol. Then think they can drive home. To which good ole Smokey is ready to lock em up as well as summon us to lock up their vehicles. 

Okay then: Being somewhat of a on air celebrity, and CEO of the last conglomerate of OTR Trucker radio, its not unusual for a lady to submit photos for us to hire them. After all, following the tradition of the original Overdrive. We also do a syndicated TV show called Dixie Diesel TV. Covering the world of long haul trucks, of which to enhance the center fold featured trucks we often look for talent. So this young gal , Named Lisa Cox contacts me through Twitter. >Lisa Coxlisa cox. However through conversation she throws that all to common con of being trapped in Africa, needing a plane Ticket, red flag. We did that once and got ripped for some $8K. The question I need to ask, is why us? And Why me? First I’m very much married to my PoohBear I PoohBearlove my PoohBear very much, so I’m not available for anything other than business. I am not ever going to mess around and/or have an affair. Beyond that, even if I wanted to I couldn’t extract someone from a foreign nation like Africa, hell I’m pretty much living on a very bottom feeding income. If it wasn’t for AyreWolf Aviation


I’d be starving to death and living under a cardboard box, and not in this comfortable apartment. So what makes me so attractive or inciting? What makes our media unit so attractive? It boggles the mind. 

Well gotta get this day started, we’ll be here this afternoon.

Good numbers to you, we’re 10-10 on the side.

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