My Turn; KnyteCyde

My Turn Knyte Cyde

The things I like that you may not. Here I am watching Big Brother overnight on PoP TV, but more fascinated by the tiny moth that has made his home in my home. I think tiny moths are cute. Just like I get groovin, by a tiny skunk. Heck I even like skunk smells, just like I am drawn to the smells of a livestock pen. That Sorgum feed with the molassis, drifts my mind to a more peaceful simple life. Of course I also like the smells of trucks with diesel, those fumes just lifts my spirits. Of course my neighbors hate the freight trains rolling through just next to where I live, and I am starting to live again, but those horns while annoying to some is music to my ears. The thrill of that deep rumble on the tracks. Of course too , I get criticized for living where I do. Hey its not bad. I pay $500.00 a month rent thats it. I don’t have a power bill, heat bill, cable/Internet bill, trash bill or water bill. While it would be nice to have a bit more storage, and a stove, I’m okay. I cook most foods in the microwave, I have a great refidgadeezer, A compfy bed. All I need from pooper, to contentment I have right here. So who needs more? I do not. Most of the religions I know who read the Bible, can attest that as it says to be humble, live simple and expand your minds to what God has created. While some might swat my buddy moth, or snuff out a spider or fly, I wont. Unless its really bothering me or being a pest. After all God created them as well, and they have a right to live too. Its like the old song says, I see through my sunglasses more than you’ll ever see through the windshield of your Acura. 


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