Dixie Nation News PT 1


So I’m out getting business done and tune into Zeb Bell’s radio show. When he started barking about the thing with Nike and our American flag, had I not been driving I would have pulled over and gave him a call. Did Zeb, or anyone else think that when all these zealots who support the BLM Movement and all started tearing down Confederate monuments, plus desecraiting our Southern flag images2that these sumbytches were going to leave the American flag alone? Both Union and the confederacy had slaves, something I’m not proud of from my ancestry, however and it’s been proven that Lincoln and the Union, had 5 times the slaves that the Confederacy, plus many Blacks fought right with and belonged to the Confederate militaries. Not just Union soldiers and even then they had hardly any of their servants in their Armies. But it brings me back to a time, in about 2011/12 when the Knytes were in talks to buy KBAR AM which never happened to to protests from some staff members(another story for another time, like I have always said, keep your friends close, but keep your frenimies even closer.) when Zeb, had on his show some guy from Heyburn, Idaho, that was going around to the local schools preaching about the war of Northern Invasion, from the Union’s point of view. I called Zeb and said why is it this guy could go preach to the schools, and us in the Confederacy could not go and teach the truth? I got 2 seconds and shut off. I wanted equal time on the matter but, Kim Lee, wouldn’t let me. Yet here you have some sorta black athlete, who conned a major corporation like Nike, to pull an American flag of Betsy Ross on their sneakers. Something to do with it being offensive. Horsestuff in its liquid form. Every soldier, every life of the south that died in that war, was and is American soldiers and American patriots, their monuments, our southern monuments, and statues down is defacing our American militia. Not just Southeners. 

66235447_2527804237249854_7257344297479962624_nThat’s what I have say about it all. Okay Then: Yesterday I took off a full day a whole day, no chasing toews, (mis-spelled on purpose) I took my meds and went to sleep. And I slept. A full day, no fetching rent money from PoohBear, no nothing. I slept. By the time I woke up, it was 21:00 and so I waited until I thought I’d wait to go breakfast until Alex was working at our local Denny’s, here in Burley, but it was her day off, so I ate. And did not even have that second cup of java. Which brings me to by final(closing) here. The only plus that Evanston Wyoming has, over both Burley and even Twin Falls, is that Evanston has a Walmart open 24/7/365, which means if you need a gallon of milk at 03:00 forget it unless you want to pay the high prices of the local stop and rob, Mavericks and Shell Stores. Stay Tuned.


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