Dixie Nation News , Just Pappy.


As I lay me down to sleep, I find my insides are screaming, after a river recovery, I dropped by Denny’s. Of course Alex Alexwas there, so I scarfed down the chicken fried steak, listened to some old bats say how bad theirs was, then watched a very not in tune family, next to me and since the place was busy, didn’t get to chat too much, but she’s still on our crew so groovy. So earlier to day the day goes that once I had posted things of a southern nature, the grand gurus of the filtering censorship hardly dry behind the ears college youth at Facebook, had pulled nearly pulled all if not all of my pics, and much of anything confederate. Now its no big discovery, to know that the Knytes, myself and Facebook are not mutual friends. Hasn’t been since I once stood up to them just before PoohBear came to be with me. Since that time and since we posted talent recruitment ads, I couldn’t boost or buy advertising on Facebook if my life depended on it. Something that Facebook says they can’t find my address. Really? Hey Facebook punks, get out from behind your cubicles in California , fly to Burley Idaho and frigging look.  Same thing goes for Googles gurus. I have always said both social networks need to regionalize their sites. Yahoo, did that a few years ago , like wise Micro-Crap did that. That way if you saw something for sale, it was in YOUR neighborhood , not clear across the Union. Of course the way these social sites have things so restricted, you can’t get access to YOUR accounts, until you answer 20 questions. Much of which others know any whoo. Here’s a thought, why not ask what hour of the day(or night) you were born? There’s not too many people who other than you, the attending doctor, Hospital and your parents would know. Naw the algorythmic programmers have never conceived of that one. 

Well time to once again to go see Alex Alex

TA TA 4 Now.

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