Midnight at the Oasis at 03:00 soothes tummy disorders.

With a still upset tummy after some badly cooked Chicken Fried Steak at Denny’s here, I was in a steady REM sleep, when hey Herman awoke. Really? This hasn’t happened in a Coons age, and is not usually on the menu of my slumber. Yet there it was. Calling into memory the song Midnight At the Oasis  came into my head and a bit of mayo, and my how that made me feel much better. In the matter of food at resturaunts, it seems that no matter where you go any more there is no GOOD place to eat. At least in my area. There are really no experienced Chefs, just greasy spoon cooks. Why? One of the big courses taught at our area community college, CSI(College-of-Southern-Idaho) is culinary arts. Yet we can’t seem to churn out any good Chefs. Of course it is true my belly has had so much of a turnover as of late that its picky. Which brings me to one , maybe two places in the state of Idaho where quality food can be found. BJ’s Byou in Roberts Idaho, and the Sports Bar in Heyburn. The rest are just overinflated greaseburger joints. Yes the concept of three are still on the boards, Cooter’s Bar & Grill, American Falls Idaho, GearHeads of Twin Falls, and yes the Reaper, in Evanston Wyoming. That said, the ions of lust that happen during heated excursions into the romantic realm , does do a lot of healing if you either have a headache,(forget her excuse) and any other malady. Needless to say I feel better this morning.

There’s a major NASCAR race going off at 18:30 hours today, in Daytona Florida. So will be somewhat offline at that point. As far as TV goes for the 4th , can’t these networks get it together the rest of the time rather than just Sweep weeks? Take TNT, They were to do a Star Wars marathon. Thing is they went to version 4 and not much after that but to repeat it. Why? Did the fact that Disney bought up the franchise and clip the wings of other syndicators?  Seems as though USA has its challenges too. Why is it that the feel they need to rerun only certain eps, of Chicago PD? Hell they’re owned by NBC that has rights to CPD so why not bring out the rest of the newer episodes? And then they wonder why more people are cutting the cord and watching more AOD TV, rather than cable or OTA TV. I sent a quick snyde remark to KMVT, yesterday. They had this group photo of the news crew at the Sagebrush boo-hah, in Buhl. I fired back simple(and its true) KMVT News hasn’t had any serious female eye candy since Michelle Darcy, left that operation, pretty much because of the claim (and I believe her) of The elderest male anchor there of some sexually related activity. 

More this evening, 

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